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Background of Save the Environment Ethiopia  SEE profile for see 2016

logoThe environment, as humans, is our home. The species on the earth support our living system, and thus their protection is for our own wellbeing. The ecosystem, our food chain and the natural beauty are all interdependent. Actions by the humans in degrading the natural resources and consuming it in an excessive or negative manner has resulted degradation and deterioration to our environment. The degree of its impacts depends on the cause and the level of its utilization. The environmental degradation resulted by humans could be seen in the form of water and air pollution, deforestation, acidic rain and many others. Such deterioration is dangerous both to us and also to the earth. It resulted in the reduction of agricultural production, more frequent droughts, conflicts over the scare and the limited resources, internal displacement and migration, and increased natural disasters. In short, our unfair actions on the natural world affected our ability to live on this earth. In Horn of Africa, a combined climate change and environmental degradation problems has forced the predominantly pastoral and agro-pastoral communities into regular displacements and intensified their poverty condition.

The world now realises the impact of our activities on the environment and the decisions towards environmental sustainability gains more attention. In recent decades, the research on environmental related issues by governments, universities, research centres, NGOs and also prominent individuals has sharply increased. Environment is becoming part and parcel of every planning and implementation processes. It has been proofed that environmental protection occurs when there is combined community participation and institutional commitment. However, in many parts of this world, environment is the major concern due to insufficient understanding of people at grassroots level or poor prioritization by governmental and non-governmental institutions.

As part of our responsibility, Save the Environment Ethiopia (SEE) was established to contribute to the environmental rehabilitation and conservation activities in Ethiopia. Initially, more focus was given to the degraded lands of the refugee areas in the Somali region (Kebribayah, Awbare and recently Dollo). In our intervention areas, with the help of our partners, a large number of degraded lands were healed, natural resources were conserved and community awareness has increased.