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Save the Environment Ethiopia (SEE) is a local NGO founded by a group of Ethiopian professionals; it is a non-profit making organization operating in Ethiopia in the field of environmental protection and rehabilitation with view to combat desertification by conserving and managing degraded natural resources.

SEE was established and registered on August 21, 2007 under certificate of registration No. 246/2007 by the Ethiopian Somali Regional State Justice Bureau in accordance with the association registration regulation (legal notice No. 321 07 1966). It is also registered at Federal Civil Societies Agency Bearing No 3031, issued on April 23/ 2013.


To be one of the outstanding environmental protections, rehabilitation and research management establishment of Ethiopia in general and in Somali regional state in particular; where regional and nationwide stewardship of natural resources ensure the sustainability of these resources for the appreciation and enjoyment of future generations; and where people recognize that a healthy environment and a strong economy support one another.


To contribute towards sustainable environmental management by supporting community based initiatives towards poverty reduction through equitable land access, efficient utilization and resource rights; to work together with all sectors of the society on raising awareness, encouraging action and advocating a better environment that uplifts the livelihood of current and future generations.


SEE strives to achieve a broadened opportunities for a secure and sustainable environmental management with particular emphasis to the most threatened areas.


The objectives have been originally drafted based on the extensive environmental degradations inflicted in Ethiopia, specially the refugee areas in the Somali region. The core issues that are reflected in our objectives are livelihood opportunity, food security, alternative energy sources and the women empowerment. Based on this, the organization has set its objectives as follows:

  • Environmental Rehabilitation through reforestation and soil conservation interventions
  • Promotion of environmentally friendly utilization techniques of natural resources
  • Enabling the disadvantaged and marginalized community members for access to basic social services ( water, health, education etc )
  • Improving the awareness level of the community towards development of Natural resource management and conservation
  • The right of creating assets Municipal waste management system, and Income generating schemes
  • Creating opportunities for reduction workload on women and children
  • Enabling the community in establishing effective and efficient disaster management system and enhancing the minimization or prevention of displacement