Save the Environment Ethiopia Save the Environment Ethiopia (SEE) was established to contribute to the environmental rehabilitation and conservation activities in Ethiopia. Initially, more focus was given to the degraded lands of the refugee areas in the Somali region (Kebribayah, Awbare and recently Dollo). In our intervention areas, with the help of our partners, a large number of degraded lands were healed, natural resources were conserved and community awareness has increased.

Check dam construction

About 50m3 stone have been purchased & transported to the Hafir-dam and off-loaded on the site for check dams construction

Construction of gabion retaining wall

Gabions and wire have been purchased and transported to the project site and stones for gabion construction have also been off-loaded on the project site. Besides, discussion was also held with ARRA and UNHCR engineers on how the construction of gabions retaining wallshould going.

Fence Maintenance

Due to the low budget allocated for maintenance of 400 meter fence of the dam, the fencing work wasnot yet started. The costs of pole and wire overhead the allotted budget.

Removing silt accumulated

Extensive timespent on persuading members of the community for mobilization.In addition, in the reporting period, the rain fall started earlier than the normal time. Hence, there was no time to remove the accumulated silton the silt trap. The following image showed before and after the rainy season of the Hafir dam.

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